Better for the Planet

Better for the Planet

At Wabi, we are constantly looking for ways to help reduce our carbon footprint & contribute towards being better caretakers of our beautiful planet.

This year we introduced compostable courier bags that can be broken down in your home green waste bin & don't require commercial compost facilities.  We think this is pretty neat!

Another step that we have taken is to ask our super Wabi community to retain their scope that they receive with their initial collagen order.  If you do require a replacement scope, please message us and we can include in your next shipment.  

We are constantly looking at our packaging as an opportunity to reduce our carbon footprint.  At this point in time there isn't a suitable substitute for the pouch.  Due to the sensitive nature of our product, it needs to be contained in high-grade packaging to be able to provide a barrier to light, moisture and temperature.  We are exploring different concepts, but at this point-in-time the pouch leaves the smallest footprint while maintaining the quality of the product within.

We love feedback & so if you have any ideas on how we can improve our service, please let us know.

Thank you,

The Wabi Team







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