Collagen infused Matcha Latte - Dairy Free

Collagen infused Matcha Latte - Dairy Free

Collagen Infused Dairy Free Matcha Latte


Sometimes in life you stuble across something & think Wow!  Amazing!!...Well, let us introduce you to our new friend - a Collagen infused Matcha latte made with Oat Milk.

Super easy to make & crammed full of goodness, this little drink could easily become your morning ritual.  Loaded with matcha's antioxidant goodness, collagen's youthful boost and oat milks vitamins - your body will simply say thank you.

To make, simple place all ingredients in your milk frother and turn on - yip, that easy.


200ml of Oat Milk (we used Vitasoy Unsweetened Oatmilk)

1/2tsp of Matcha (Wabi HARU - Organic Ceremonial Matcha)

2.5g of Marine Collagen Peptide (Wabi REVIVE - Marine Collagen Peptide)


1/2tsp of Coconut Sugar (Lower GI) 





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