Savoury Matcha Crepe

Savoury Matcha Crepe

Matcha Crepe


1/2 Cup of Flour (Plain or Gluten Free)

1/2 Cup of Milk

10g Melt Butter

1 egg

1tsp Matcha mixed with 30mls of Hot Water


Step 1:

Prepare matcha by whisking in hot water


Step 2:

Sift Flour into a bowl and then add milk and mix.


Step 3:  

Add Egg and mix until combined.


Step 4.

Add Butter and mix until combined.


Step 5:

Finally add matcha mixture until combined.


Step 6:

Preheat pan on a high heat and then reduce to medium high.  Add mixture to pan to create a thin layer.  Cook mixture until cooked through, flip and cook for a further 15 - 20".


Step 7:

Remove from heat and dress with your favourite ingredients.  We recommend trying spinach, tuna and mayo for savoury.  For sweet, definitely try Jam & Cream...soooo delicious!

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