The Easiest Way to Prepare Matcha

The Easiest Way to Prepare Matcha




1/4 tsp Wabi Matcha Haru l Organic Ceremonial Grade Matcha 

200 ml Water

How To: Place all ingredients into a milk frother and turn on.  


This is a super easy way to prepare matcha.  It was a tip given to us by one of our fantastic customers & we love it!  Easy, quick, healthy and mmmmmm refreshingly delicious.  Plus, a great way to start yourself on the matcha journey.


If you have a milk frother at home, then you are good to go.  Just add a little bit of matcha and the machine will heat the water to the perfect temperature.  Job done.


Loaded with antioxidants & goodness, matcha is the perfect drink to help keep you running.  Plus the caffeine is balanced out by l-theanine, which means the energy lift lasts longer…in fact, some studies indicate up to 6 times longer.  Happy days.


We are using a LavAzza milk frother in the video - great design and very easy to clean; however, any milk frother will do.


Matcha Love.

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