The Home of Matcha

Japan is the home of matcha & Uji is it's beating heart.  Famous for its green tea production, the history of this region in the skilful art of making matcha dates back to the Kamakura period, more than 700 years ago! 

Uji is a breathtaking region to visit, with its history bursting through every space possible.  The landscape is dressed in handsomely aligned rows of endless Camellia sinensis & bordered by dark sheets of shade cloth.  At the ideal time, the cloth is drawn across, stimulating the plant to adjust to its new environment. 

After a few weeks, the result is nothing short of spectacular, with the plants chemical composition adjusting to deliver its cornerstone properties that make Matcha incredibly sort after.

The leaves are then hand-picked, the stems and veins removed and the remaining treasure steamed.  Finally, the leaf is slowly milled to a fine powder between two rotating stones.  The craftsman conscious not to spin too fast as doing so would deliver damage to the leaf.  After 1 hour, 30 grams of powder has been produced.  It is then delicately stored awaiting use by those privileged enough to know of its existence.      

While Wabi's entrance on to the scene is recent, the knowledge and craft behind its products date back many decades.  Fortuitously, Wabi has a strong link with the mastery of tea ceremony, which brings with it an understanding and appreciation as to the care and precision relating to the preparation of matcha.  We look forward to sharing our knowledge with you.